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Italian Dessert: Panettone Classic with Almonds “Fraccaro” 750gr (26.45oz)


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The Panettone Cake is an Italian cake with unique taste. It is made with raisins and candied orange peel.

The history of the traditional Christmas cake for Italians began in the 13th century. There are several versions of the appearance of sweets. A panettone was baked by a young man in love with the pastry chef’s daughter. In an attempt to be with her lover, she started working in a bakery with the girl’s father. To impress her beloved, she prepared a sweet cake with candied orange for her, which was very popular with customers and they started selling it constantly. According to another version, this is the result of an error by the court bakers. They ruined the cake and the humble assistant cook Tony from the dough he left for his Christmas, baked the cake. The duke liked pastries and, in honor of the assistant, the chef called the Pan de Toni cake. Whatever it was, today panettone is one of the most popular cakes, not only in Italy, but all over the world.

Traditional Panettone – very soft with an airy and delicate structure, prepared according to the classic recipe. It includes a special Manitoba light flour, fresh egg whites, caramelized orange peel, raisins, candied fruit. It has a rich and pleasant taste and aroma. Panettone goes well with a cup of hot tea, coffee or mulled wine. Sold in a bright and colorful box, cut into pieces. A great option for a festive table or as a gift for friends and family.

Imported from Italy

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