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Beverage: Cocktail San Pellegrino “Red” 20cl

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Pleasantly bitter. Intense spice notes mix with light citrus notes for a unique aroma.
From a secret recipe comes Red Cocktail Sanpellegrino, a mix of taste that quenches the palate thanks to its unique aroma.

Clear, effervescent, with a fine and persistent bubble, Red Cocktail Sanpellegrino manages to amaze with its scent of cinnamon and cloves followed by a hint of ginger and light citrus notes of lemon.

Its taste, initially sweet, turns towards spicy accents: a mix of flavors that makes Red Cocktail the perfect candidate to tickle your creativity with always new and unexpected combinations.

Turn every daily occasion into special moments with the spicy notes of Sanpellegrino Red Cocktail!

Try Red Cocktail Sanpellegrino on its own, adding a lemon zest and a grind of black pepper or combine it with berries for an extra touch of style. Serve it very cold, between 6 ° and 8 °.


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