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Caffè: KIMBO GOLD 100% ARABIC 250gr (8.8oz) “Imported from Italy”

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Product information “Kimbo Gold Espresso 100% Arabica 250g ground in a vacuum” Kimbo Gold – the Gold Naples Kimbo is an aspiring brand from Naples. There are not many success stories from the south of Italy, because the richer north of Italy is usually more successful. Few companies can draw attention from the South. In recent years, Kimbo has actually managed to gain international recognition. A main reason is the professional structure, which is rather unusual for southern Italians. Kimbo Aroma ORO 100% Finest Arabican Beans Ground 250g Bag for Always Fresh Coffee Enjoyment Less Caffeine Dark Roasting – Full Mouth Feel and Fine Cream Formation Also Suitable as Filter Coffee Kimbo Gold is a quality coffee and excellent composition Kimbo Espresso Gold 100% Arabica consists of eight specific bean varieties. Thanks to the slow gentle roasting in the rotating drum, the beans are evenly roasted, so that even in so-called weak vintages a perfect roasting with perfect result is always guaranteed. Kimbo 100% Arabica is gentle and mild. As a pure Arabica coffee, the Kimbo Aroma ORO is mild and soft. The caffeine content is relatively low at 0.8 % to 1.2 %, therefore very stomach friendly. Overall, 100% Arabica coffee is on trend and for true gourmets is always the better choice, because more aromatic. If you are looking for the typical Italian characteristics, you should switch to Kimbo Napoletano.

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