Cheese: Stracchino lactose-free “Tomasoni” 200 gr(7.05 oz) Imported from Italy


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People who are “milk intolerant” digest badly or not completely a sugar, “lactose” present in milk and derivatives. This is due to the lack of an enzyme “lactase” which is produced by the intestine. Therefore, subjects with this deficiency may experience bloating and abdominal cramps. The lactose-free Stracchino is ideal for those who are intolerant to milk and have difficulty digesting it, but in the taste it keeps all the flavor of fresh stracchino unchanged.

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Lactose-free Stracchino with less than 0.1% lactose per 100 g of product is a tasty creation for those looking for a fresh and highly digestible stracchino.
The lactose-free stracchino is characterized by its sweet, typical and pleasantly delicate flavour. A fresh stracchino that satisfies all palates, even the most delicate.

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