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Cleaning: Amuchina Universal Degreaser lemon scent 750 ml Imported from Italy

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Thanks to its 100% bleach-free degreasing formula effective on stubborn dirt, it thoroughly cleans the surfaces of the house, is easy to rinse and does not leave streaks. In addition, it diffuses a fresh and pleasant scent into the environment.

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Amuchina Surfaces Spray

Amuchina Sanitizing Degreaser performs a deep sanitizing action that removes germs and bacteria from small kitchen surfaces. Its powerful formula with high degreasing power effectively eliminates, without leaving streaks, all types of dirt from hobs, ovens, hoods, tiles, sinks, slicers, refrigerators and barbecues. Amuchina Sanitizing Degreaser guarantees a deep clean in a single pass and leaves a fresh and pleasant lemon scent on the surfaces.

750ml bottle

How to use
For a daily sanitizing action: turn the spout to the ON position, spray Amuchina Sgrassatore Igienizzante directly on the surfaces to be treated and rinse with a wet sponge. In case of stubborn dirt, leave the product to act for a few minutes.


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