Charcuterie: Galbani Galbanetto 230gr (8.11 oz) average weight “Imported from Italy”


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Disclaimer: please note that all items come pre-packaged from Italy. The weight may vary on  each piece.  The price reflects  the weight fluctuation!

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Galbani’s traditional and popular small Galbanetto is known worldwide for its grab and go size, The casing is easy to peel, the flavor enhanced by a garlic and black pepper notes. Soft and easy to cut, Galbanetto created in the traditional soft salame making in Italy, is gluten free and lactose free.

Each galbanetto is weighs about 8.11 oz


100% pork meat, salt spices, natural aromas, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate

“Imported from Italy”

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Weight 8.11 oz


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