Toys: Wooden Moon Balancing Game And Stacking Blocks (ED730)


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* ADORABLE 2-IN-1 BALANCE GAME AND STACKING TOY – Kids can use the colorful building blocks to
stack up on top of each other. They can organize them by color, number or mix and match. If they want
a more difficult challenge, they can try their hand at the balancing game.
* IMPROVE SKILLS WHILE HAVING AN ABSOLUTE BLAST – This montessori toy is a great way for kids to
learn about math, numbers and counting. The sensory toy also helps with hand-eye coordination, spatial
reasoning, shape sorting and recognition, critical thinking and problem solving.
* PRESCHOOL TEACHERS CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT – Our toddler learning toy is a great teaching
resource and also brings the class together. It’s a hands-on, interactive way for children to learn about
teamwork, sharing and communication. All preschooler teachers should have it on hand!
* COMPLETELY SAFE FOR KIDS TO USE – The STEM toy is made from high-grade wood that is sanded
down to a splinter-free finish. There are no rough or sharp edges. Each piece is then painted with water-
based, non-toxic paint. This paint is kid-friendly and has no odors or smells.
* YOUR TOTAL SATISFACTION IS OUR GOAL – Our construction toy is super high-quality, durable and
cute! We’re very confident you are going to agree. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please
let us know and we’ll make things right!

2-in-1 game provides hours of entertainment while being a terrific learning resource for kids!
Simple, fun and versatile. That’s probably the best way to describe this STEAM toy. Toddlers can spend
time stacking the colorful blocks on the pegs in tons of different patterns. When they need a change of
pace, they can use the blocks and the little wooden seesaw as a balancing game.
There are tons of different activities you can do with this top selling toy! It’s portable so you can take it
with you to keep your child occupied and happy when you’re travelling or on-the-go.
Besides providing hours of amusement, this stacker toy also helps with:
* Hand-Eye Coordination
* Math and Counting Skills
* Shape Sorting and Recognition
* Color Identification
* Language Development
* Cooperation and Teamwork
* Cognitive Flexibility
* Creativity and Problem-Solving
* Spatial and Balance Concepts
Meticulous Craftsmanship
Making sure our autism toy is not only a blast to play with but safe for children was very important
when we started designing this game. The speech therapy toy set is made from premium wood that is
sanded and smoothed down. There are never any rough edges or splinter concerns.
Long-Lasting, Kid-Friendly Paint
Each building block is hand-painted with a variety of bold, vibrant paints. The colors will never bleed or
fade! We use only water-based, non-toxic paint that never has any foul odors. The stacking blocks are
easy to wipe and disinfect when they get a little dirty (trust us, they’re going to get A LOT of use).
Makes a fantastic gift idea for all toddler boys and girls!
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