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Cheese: Amalattea Goat Cheese “IL SAGGIO” 1kg (35.27 oz) “Imported from Italy”


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Il Saggio is a very particular cheese that requires 8 months of care from the moment of production: salting and maturing at controlled humidity and temperatures so that its “aging” gives us a taste for connoisseurs. The Sage ages by absorbing the flavors of the earth. The refinement contains a more decisive but delicate flavor on the palate, with a semi-hard white paste tending to straw yellow.

The unmistakable flavor characterizes this cheese with its elegant black dress, making it irresistible, a delicacy much appreciated on Italian tables. It is best enjoyed with red wines of great body and structure, with a high alcohol content and a certain aging, very tannic and warm. A cheese like this makes everyone agree.


Name of the food:
Aged goat cheese

Pasteurized whole goat’s milk, sale, goat rennet, surface treated

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Weight 35.27 oz


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