Fruit: Sweet Dried Figs-Fichi secchi doldi 400gr “Imported from Italy”


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✔️ SQUISIT: the large dried figs are always carefully selected one by one to always seek the maximum taste that is very aromatic, plus these figs are delicately dried without adding additives, preservatives and GMOs.
✔️ UNIQUE TASTE: Figs have a unique sweetness whether you enjoy them fresh natural or dried. A delicacy recognized throughout the world since ancient times. Super sweet, this is why we renounce the addition of artificial sugars, the percentage you find in the nutritional values ​​refers solely to the amount of fructose naturally contained in the product.
✔️ DELICIOUS RECIPES: A delicious snack or energy snack to enjoy on its own, or perfect to accompany your cheese platter for special occasions, an alternative to sugary desserts. Soaked they can complement oriental recipes such as hummus. Product suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
✔️ NATURALLY GOOD: Due to the naturally contained sugar content, crystals can form on the surface. This does not indicate any spoilage of the fruit. The quality and flavor remain unchanged. The taste of dried fruit and dehydrated dried fruit can vary due to growing conditions related to weather conditions, therefore the taste can also be naturally more or less sweet.

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Dried figs: they have a high energy content and each dried fig weighs an average of 20 g and contains 54 kcal.

They have a good content of carbohydrates and dietary fiber, while low in protein and fat content.

The high amount of dietary fiber makes them useful for regulating the intestine, in fact they feed the bacterial flora. They have a high concentration of mineral salts such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and vitamins C and A.

It is often recommended as it is easily digestible, has a high content of enzymes and mucilage and finally lends itself well to diets for gluten and lactose intolerances.

They are much appreciated by adults and children for their soft and sweet, unmistakable taste that can be recognized at the first bite!


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