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Personal Hygiene: FELCE AZZURRA Fresh Classic Shower 650ml “Imported from Italy”


Units Sold: 6

Usage: hydration, soothing, purification
Application time: universal
Gender: woman
Classification: mass market
TM country: Italy
Made in: Italy
Volume: 650 ml

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It will simply be impossible to deny yourself the pleasure of taking a bath with the delicious product of the Italian masters of Paglieri! Its refreshing aroma gives energy and vigor, helps to recover, restore spiritual harmony. It is worth adding a little gel to the hot water and the bath will be filled with a deliciously delicate foam and an extraordinary aroma. As a result of such a bath, you will perfectly cleanse your skin and restore strength. Nutrients, moisturizers and vitamins will fill the skin cells with the vital energy necessary for radiance and beauty. The product can be used as a shower gel. The light texture is pleasant on the skin, perfectly cleanses, hydrates and tones the skin. It washes off without leaving a soapy film.

How to use

Apply to damp skin, massage and rinse.


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