Basket #1-Italy in a basket


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  1.  Terra del sole pasta-paccheri.
  2.  Pasta Terra del Sole “RIGATONI” 16oz, bronze die – ORGANIC, Imported from Italy
  3. Terra del sole- DOP Sicilian oil.
  4. Positano – aragostina al pistachio.
  5. kinder Brioss Latte 10pz – 270gr (9.52oz) “Imported from Italy”
  6. Kinder Colazione Più 10 pz – 290gr (10.22oz) “Imported from Italy”
  7. CRANBERRY BEANS by “Select” 400gr (14.10oz) “Imported from Italy”
  8. Caputo Classic 00 (1kg – 2.2 lbs) All-purpose Original flour – “Imported from Italy”
  9. Crema al pistacchio
  10. Pezzullo taralli  all’olio.
  11. Salame Napoli 500gr.
  12.  Galbani Galbanetto.


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