Seafood: Callipo Tuna in Olive Oil Glass Jar 170gr (5.99oz) “Imported from Italy”


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Tuna Callipo in Olive Oil Glass Jar

Fresh and traditionally cut and processed by hand. In this Tuna Callipo in a glass jar, you will only find pieces of fillet professionally packed in the best olive oil. This combination is the guarantee for the excellent taste for the Callipo tuna recipes from; tuna pizza, omelet with tuna to the “simple” tuna sandwich baguette. Of course, no chemical products or preservatives are used in Callipo tuna either, ensuring the high quality and ultimately the special taste.

The differences of Callipo tuna in a can and Callipo tuna in a glass jar lie in the more complex processing and sorting of the fillet pieces. Secondly, the tuna pieces used must be large enough and suitable. This is also the reason for the somewhat higher price, also due to the glasses as packaging and the more technically demanding process of boiling down.

Ideal for all recipes, from the dishes of the first main course to the fresh and tasty large salad dishes. If you eat Callipo tuna you will be amazed by the high quality.

Taste of Callipo Tuna

The high quality of the tuna from Callipo in extra virgin olive oil offers you a connection with an unadulterated and characteristic taste that makes even your simplest dishes very appetizing.The tuna fillets in olive oil from Callipo are compact and precious and have a taste that captivates and conquers you.


Strict controls and particularly thorough cleaning guarantee high quality. Callipo tuna is only canned with healthy olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. Callipo tuna gets its unmistakable taste through the ripening process invaluable extra virgin olive oil, which is obtained from the best olives by pressing. Callipo Tuna is processed entirely by hand according to ancient traditions and contains only a pinch of sea salt, which is combined with the unmistakable taste of Callipo tuna to a product that is intended for the discerning palate. For those who love to experiment in the kitchen, a touch of originality with Callipo tuna of excellent quality, perfectly seasoned and mixed with a pinch of pepper and lemon juice.

Tuna Callipo in olive oil fans has known for a long time that olive oil is full of healthy ingredients. Tuna Callipo in olive oil is rich in protein and is particularly recommended for building muscle, as well as in childhood, adolescence, and pregnancy. A greater contribution of this nutrient is required in these phases. It has a high omega-3 content.

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