Seafood: Spicy anchovies 180gr (6.34 oz) “Imported from Italy”


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The best anchovies masterfully preserved in a small chest. The pure taste of the Amalfi sea is enhanced by the explosive strength of the hot pepper. Spicy anchovies are perfect for giving a more lively taste to your dishes.
Freshly caught, the anchovies are beheaded, gutted and left to mature in salt barrels, placing them in alternate layers with the “head-tail” technique. After about five months the anchovies are ready to be filleted and packaged manually. The spicy anchovies in oil are suitable for preparing appetizers (for example a delicious bruschetta) and as a condiment for salads or pasta dishes

Ingredient: Alici (engraulis encrasicolus) 60%,sunflower oil, Chili pepper, salt.

“Imported from Italy”

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