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Toys: Wooden Activity Cube For Toddlers (ED360)


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With nearly an endless variety of toddler toys to choose from, it can be exhausting trying to figure out which one to buy. Will they like it? Is it messy or require hours of assembly?

➤ Wouldn’t it be great if you found a toy loaded with a variety of activities that all toddlers love to play with?

➤ What if this toy also helped with toddler’s early development while providing hours of exciting activities?

Your search is over. The Toysters Wooden Activity Cube for Toddlers is packed with 5 activities on a neat little wooden cube.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a single child that doesn’t grin from ear to ear when they play around with this activity center!

Besides providing loads of fun, this activity cube helps with:

? Improve hand-eye coordination

? Sharpen fine motor skills improvement

? Develop problem solving skills

? Increased finger strength and dexterity

? Improved memory and concentration

? Critical thinking and shape recognition

Superior Quality and Built to Last!

The multi-purpose playset is made from juniper wood that is sanded and smoothed down. NEVER any splinters or rough edges. The pieces are painted with non-toxic, kid-safe paint. If the toddler puzzle gets a little dirty you can quickly wipe it down and disinfect. Suitable for boys and girls 1 years old and up.

What games come included on this cube?

? Bead Maze

? Peek-A-Boo Doors

? Rainbow Gears

? Shape Sorter

? Number Maze

Trying to think of a gift for your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, niece or nephew?

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