Toys: Wooden Musical Instruments For Toddlers (MU792)


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* LET YOUR CHILD PICK THEIR FAVORITE INSTRUMENT– The Mexican instrument set for toddlers

includes 4 kid-friendly instruments: Maraca, Clacker, Flute and Tambourine plus a storage box! They can
play around with them and decide which one they enjoy playing the most.
* SUCH A FUN, INTERACTIVE WAY TO WORK ON SKILLS – Your child will have a blast playing around
with this music kit for kids while also working on fine motor skill development. These steam toys for
toddlers will help children develop breath control, hand eye coordination, memory, hand and grip
strength and much more!
* SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP, BUILT TO LAST – We made our elementary musical instruments from
high-quality wood that’s sanded and smooth down. They’re then hand-painted with non-toxic, odor-
free, kid-friendly paint. The rainbow colors on these instruments really pop!
* OPEN YOUR LITTLE ONE UP TO A WORLD OF MUSIC – Use this set to introduce your child about the
wonderful music while unwinding at night together. They’ll practice and then show off their new skills
and little tunes they learned. The wood instruments are also a popular sensory toy for kids with autism.
* DON’T HESITATE… THIS IS A GREAT GIFT IDEA – Help kids tap into their inner creativity and have field
day doing it! Give these interactive toys as a gift to any boy or girl for their birthday or during the

➤ Are you looking for a creative way to get your child interested in music?
Spend some quality time with your child and introduce them to musical instruments, basic music
concepts and much more with Toysters Wooden Musical Instruments Bundle!
Children are extraordinarily curious learners. They love to watch, explore and imitate to learn new skills.
There is not a better way for them to get introduced to music then with their very own musical
instrument! They can pick it up and start making beautiful sounds immediately. Patience though… they
won’t be a pro overnight!
Packed Full of Exciting Instruments!
There are four, colorful wood instruments included:
All neatly packed in a storage box.
The instruments are designed specifically for toddlers. They’re easy to use and sound great!
They’re not just for making music, the instruments can also help with:
Hand-Eye Coordination
Oral Motor Muscle Development
Memory and Hearing
Fine Motor Skills
Creativity and Imagination
Hand and Finger Muscle Strength

Ultra-Smooth Wood Painted with Non-Toxic Paints
All the little musical instruments are crafted from wood that is sanded and smooth down. Never any
sharp edges or splinters! The water-based paint is non-toxic and has no unpleasant odors or smells.
Racking your brain trying to come up with a gift idea that kids will actually use?
We got you covered…
Present your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, niece or nephew with these brilliant learning toys
on their birthday, Christmas and other holidays! Who knows, maybe with your help, they may discover a
lifelong passion for music! It’s suitable for boys and girls ages 3 and up.
Click to buy them now to give your child a gift that they’re guaranteed to love!


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