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It is a rich and refined variety of burrata. Truffle enriches the traditional creamy stuffing. Its taste is thus pleasant and hefty.


With Burrata Tartufata the unmistakable taste of the truffle meets the unique flavor of the burrata. It looks like a sphere with a diameter between 7 and 10 centimeters, with a smooth shiny white surface; its flavor is sweet and buttery, in this case with the grated truffle inside, together with the stuffing of stracciatella. This burrata is handcrafted, that is, entirely produced by hand.

Burrata is a special form of mozzarella but is always made from cow’s milk. It has the shape of a small bag, very similar to mozzarella, inside which there is a viscous cream of fresh cheese consisting of cream and untreated mozzarella strands. Burrata means “buttered” in Italian, which indicates its creamy consistency. Burrata used to be made in Puglia to keep butter fresh longer. Without a refrigerator, butter quickly became rancid, but inside the cheese the butter kept longer, giving the cheese its name. Like mozzarella, burrata is best prepared with tomatoes. But it can also be enjoyed with pasta or as a topping on a pizza.

Burrata Tartufata is characterized by the presence of the truffle, which attributes a particular and unmistakable flavor to the filling of the burrata. Its typical bag shape is characterized by a cream-white color and a smooth, elastic and shiny surface. By cutting it delicately, it has a filling made up of handmade mozzarella and small pieces of truffle.


Shape:  typical pear or bundle shape, tied at the top to keep the filling out;

External appearance:  cheese with a characteristic white porcelain color, with fairly shiny skin;

Internal appearance:  once the burrata is split, a cream-white liquid and the ilaccia pasta filata come out with a presence of black dots, due precisely to the presence of grated black truffle;

Smell:  butter and a very pronounced lactic hint is noticed on the nose, together with the characteristic aroma of the tuber;

Flavor: it is balanced, salty but sweet with a very greasy and fatty dough, a delicate truffle flavor in the mouth, which is however mitigated by the sweetness of the cream and stracciatella.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow’s milk, lactic acid, rennet, salt and Summer Truffles

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