Toys: Wooden Push-A-Brick Penguin Stacking Blocks Game Puzzle (GM125)


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☃️ If you’re looking for a toy that requires no assembly, is not messy and is adored by all children then you’ve come to the right place! ☃️

Presenting Toysters Push-A-Brick Penguin Toy – Imaginative play and a learning resource all in one!

This stacking toy is so adorable! Toddlers can use the colorful hexagonal blocks to create a glacier-like wall. There are two cute penguins and a bear looking and cheering you on as you put the wall together piece by piece! The building block set can also be used as a balancing game! The chunky puzzle pieces are perfectly sized for toddler’s little hands.

This stacker toy is wildly effective for improving:

❄️ Hand-Eye Coordination

❄️ Fine Motor Skills

❄️ Math and Counting Skills

❄️ Shape Sorting and Recognition

❄️ Color Identification

❄️ Language Development

❄️ Cooperation and Teamwork

❄️ Cognitive Flexibility

❄️ Creativity and Problem-Solving

❄️ Spatial and Balance Concepts


♻️ We Only Use Safe, Kid-Friendly Materials ♻️

We care deeply about your child’s safety. The preschool toy is made from premium wood that is sanded and smoothed down. There are never any rough edges or splinter concerns. The paint is water-based, non-toxic and has no funky odors or smells. The stacking blocks are easy to wipe and disinfect when they get a little dirty.

? Makes a fantastic gift idea for all toddler boys and girls! ?

Surprise a toddler with this activity toy on their birthday or just to show how much you care about them. Watch how proud they’ll be when they learn how to build their very own honeycomb! Suitable for boys and girls 2 years and up.

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