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Charcuterie: lardo Aromatizzato – flavored lard 1 kg average weight “Imported from Italy”

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It seemed forgotten but both young people and catering at all levels are re-evaluating it as one of the most delicate and appreciated cured meats.

The lard is an anatomical cut that protects the back of the pig; the more mature and well nourished it is, the thicker and tastier the lard is.

Once trimmed, the entire piece is divided into three parts.
The highest part, embellished with a layer of lean meat, is called “rump” and is used for the “Selection” lard.
The “lard with herbs” is obtained from the central part called “sottogroppa”.

These pieces of lard are carefully trimmed and treated in a particular way as tradition teaches.

With a mixture of aromatic herbs and just enough garlic, the parts of the containers called “bigongi” are rubbed in which the lard, placed in overlapping layers, alternating it with a bed of herbs and sea salt which over time will become a precious aromatic brine, which remains for at least three months during which it acquires its characteristic aroma.

After further grooming it is enriched with a new mix of herbs for use in the kitchen, for stuffing roasts and as an indispensable ingredient for village soups and soups, and on the table, as an appetizer cut into thin slices for tasty hot toasts and cold dishes.


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