Charcuterie: Salame Maialino Nero “black piglet” 200gr (7.05 oz) average weight . Imported from Italy


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Typical Campania and Italian cold cuts deriving from the processing and transformation of the precious meat of the Caserta black pig. This pig has the characteristic of having soft and tasty meat.

Disclaimer: please note that all items come pre-packaged from Italy. The weight may vary on  each piece.  The price reflects  the weight fluctuation!

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The Caserta black pig is one of the native pig breeds which, forgotten following the advent of pink pigs and their supremacy in the markets, risked extinction until it almost disappeared. Today, thanks to the farsighted work of some breeders and consortia, this particular breed, even if not completely out of danger, can be said to be in a clear recovery.
The Caserta black pig is a typically Italian animal, widespread in Campania and Lower Lazio before the Second World War. Its meat, different from that of normal pigs, above all due to the type of breeding, conducted in the wild, which allows black pigs to have a more natural diet and life. This particular treatment benefits the meat, and with a more dietetic fat, a true all-Italian delicacy.

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