Cheese: OCCELLI Butter “Burro” 125gr (4,4oz) “Imported from Italy”


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It should be kept at 2/4 °C and consumed at 18/20 °C

CE stamp: IT 01 92 CE
Country of Production: Italy
Origin of the milk: Italy

From Italian centrifugal cream. Formed by hand with the “Calco della Mucca”.

Product Marketing
My butter is made with skimmed cream from only Italian milk. Slightly straw yellow in spring and summer, it becomes whiter in winter, color changes due to the different feeding of the animals in the various seasons. Both the shaping of the stick of butter, which reproduces the ancient symbols of the mountain, and the packaging are still done by hand. Tangible signs of my passion for dairy traditions. Unique values ​​that you can also find in my Langa and mountain pasture cheeses.

Beppino Occelli’s butter should be tasted raw if possible because “on a baguette or simply with a knife it is by far the favourite”
(1st in the test of butters from all over the world, Wine Spectator, USA, 2000)
and “it’s so good that you can even eat it on its own”
(1st in the test of European butters, The Guardian, GB, 2002).


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