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Cleaning: Amuchina Universal Degreaser 750 ml Imported from Italy

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Thanks to its 100% bleach-free degreasing formula effective on stubborn dirt, it thoroughly cleans the surfaces of the house, is easy to rinse and does not leave streaks. In addition, it diffuses a fresh and pleasant scent into the environment.

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Amuchina Surfaces Spray
An Active Disinfectant Degreaser that you can use for the deep disinfection of all surfaces, from the most greasy to those in which the dirt is more resistant (ovens and stoves, food preparation surfaces, refrigerators, etc.). Amuchina Superfici Spray is also suitable for the disinfection of all surfaces that come into contact with babies and children (changing tables, high chairs, cots, baby baths, toys, etc.).

Trigger bottles of 750 ml.

How to use?
It’s very simple: turn the nozzle to ON and spray from 20-25cm away, covering the surface to be disinfected. After waiting for 15 minutes, wipe with a dry cloth, then rinse with water to remove product residue. If used correctly, Amuchina Active Disinfectant Degreaser eliminates up to 99.999% of bacteria.

To obtain a virucidal action, leave the product in contact with the surface for 30 minutes. Do not use it on untreated natural wood, aluminum and zinc. If in doubt, try it on a small, hidden area of ​​the surface to be treated.

The product is valid for 36 months after opening


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