Cheese: Galbani Galbanino Lactose Free 230gr (8.11 oz) “Imported from Italy”

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Galbani brings Galbanino to your table in the lactose-free variant, the good sweet and versatile cheese that stimulates your imagination in the kitchen with less than 0.01% lactose

Galbanino Lactose-free was created for those who are lactose intolerant or for those who struggle to digest it, because lactose is split into the two sugars galactose and glucose, which are more easily assimilated.

Galbanino without lactose, with its soft texture and its delicate flavor is ideal to eat alone, accompanied by what you like best, to enrich salads and cold dishes and make your hot recipes racy!
Galbanino without lactose is made with 100% Italian milk and without preservatives and its long life is guaranteed by the protective wax.

You can find Galbanino Lactose Free in the refrigerated counter of your supermarket in the 230g format.

Store at a maximum temperature of +4 ° C

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Weight 8.11 oz

1 review for Cheese: Galbani Galbanino Lactose Free 230gr (8.11 oz) “Imported from Italy”

  1. Maria Cristina Cardone (verified owner)

    Happy to see I can find some lactose-free cheese. Here in USA you can only find vegetable-based cheese which I really don’t care for. Hope to find more lactose-free products.

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