Liquors: Petrone Limoncello of Sorrento 70cl “Imported from Italy”


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Tasting notes

Intense yellow colour. On the nose, lively hints of lemon peel and herbaceous tones. Sweet, fresh and markedly aromatic on the palate with an exuberant closure determined by the enveloping alcoholic note which becomes even more evident when the limoncello is served cold.

Our recommendations

Excellent digestif at the end of a meal, perfect smooth or with ice; it should be served preferably frozen. Its freshness and its perfumes give the bartender and the mixologist incredible combination possibilities. Excellent if mixed with Eulizia liqueur, lemon juice and ginger beer, for a cocktail to be savored slowly, down to the last aromatic note.

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Absolutely natural liqueur produced following an ancient recipe handed down for generations, obtained from the infusion of lemon peels in pure alcohol.

The lemons used to make this excellent Campanian limoncello are grown in the “ZONA CEMENTARA” of the Riviera Domitia, particularly suitable for its volcanic soil.

This liqueur, rich in Mediterranean aromas, is also known for its digestive properties.

100% lemon peel infusion.
Without aromas.
Without the addition of any type of additive or preservative.
Without ascorbic acid.


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