Rice: WHOLEMEAL RED RICE “GALLO” 500gr (16 oz). Imported from Italy


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Whole wheat Red Rice has unique organoleptic characteristics, appreciated for the pleasant nutty aroma and texture of its grains. Ideal for the preparation of side dishes, salads or delicious first courses.

It is still a rare variety, typical of Southeast Asia and the Camargue; only recently, its cultivation has also begun in Italy.

It owes its particular pigmentation to the conspicuous presence of anthocyanins, brick-red micronutrients present in large quantities in the external part of its grains.

Guarantee G.A.L.L.O. is synonymous with excellence:

Guaranteed: Although the cultivation of Red Rice is still not very widespread in Italy, Riso Gallo guarantees its Italian origin.

Authentic: Riso Gallo has selected the best Italian red rice varieties, guaranteeing their varietal purity. In fact, only one of the exclusive varieties of Red Rice grown in our territory has been packed in this box.

Local: Rosso di Riso Gallo is born and grows in Italian rice fields, it is processed and packaged by Riso Gallo in the Po Valley, for a 100% made in Italy product.

Loyal: Riso Gallo has started a process of collaboration with rice growers to guarantee the quality and traceability of the final product. He is working with the aim of bringing it to completion in the shortest possible time.

Original: Rosso di Riso Gallo has a grain with a natural color that always remains crunchy. It is a brown rice, therefore a source of fiber, precious for our well-being. Thanks to its pleasant nutty aroma, it is ideal for recipes with an original taste and color, such as side dishes or salads.

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