Toys: Wooden Activity Table For Toddlers (ED435)


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Do you remember that kids waiting room toy that was in nearly every Pediatrician’s office and daycare? It was such a fun interactive toy that was loaded with a variety of exciting activities for toddlers to play with.

The Toysters Wooden Activity Table is our modern, UPGRADED version of this classic kids’ toy!

➤ We’ve yet to find a child that doesn’t love playing with it. Seriously! It’s a blast!

It’s not just a ball to play with, it’s great for helping:

? Improve hand-eye coordination

? Sharpen fine motor skills improvement

? Develop problem solving skills

? Increased finger strength and dexterity

? Improved memory and concentration

? Critical thinking and shape recognition

Superior Quality and Built to Last – Splinters and rough, dangerous edges are never a concern!

The multi-purpose playset is made from juniper wood that is sanded and smoothed down. The tables and games are painted with non-toxic, kid-safe paint. If the learning toy gets a little dirty you can quickly wipe it down and disinfect. Suitable for boys and girls 1 years old and up.

Assembles in Seconds with NO Tools!

Open the box, screw the 3 legs into the bottom of the table and it’s ready to use! No fancy equipment or tools. When play time is over, unscrew the legs so you can neatly stow it away for next time!

What activities come included?

? Bead Maze

? Building Blocks

? Magnet Fishing Game

? Shape Puzzle

? Animal Twist Gears

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