Children & Infants: Plasmon pear-flavored fruit juice 100gr (3.52oz) “Imported from Italy”


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Squeezer and Gusta has all the quality of a 100% fruit snack:

with no added sugar*
without flavorings
without dyes and preservatives, as per law
* Naturally contains sugars

The innovative packaging is easy to use and to take with you for your child’s snacks outside the home.
In addition, Oasi® Plasmon guarantees top quality fruit thanks to the total traceability of raw materials.
100% fruit source of vitamin c
Only fruit sugars

Squeezer and Gusta Plasmon is prepared with fruit grown according to the Oasi® Plasmon rules and is designed to accompany your child in the discovery of new tastes, helping him to become familiar with the flavors of fruit.

Spremi e Gusta is without preservatives or dyes, as required by law.

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