Toys: Wooden Math Beads And Alphabet Abacus (ED593)


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* TWO-IN-ONE ACTIVITY STATION TOY FOR KIDS – This vibrant educational toy will have your toddler
reciting the alphabet and adding and subtracting in no time. One side of the abacus contains abc
building blocks, and on the reverse side, there are multi-color math counting beads.
* PORTABLE DESIGN, USE IN CLASS AND AT HOME – The STEM toy is compact and lightweight, perfect
for continued practice when on-the-go. Preschool teachers love to have it on hand in their classroom
and parents use it at home for some fun, interactive learning.
* LEARNING RESOURCE IMPROVES OTHER SKILLS – This toddler toy encourages imaginative play while
assisting in your child’s early development too. It will improve hand-eye coordination, memory, focus,
fine motor skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and help to boost their confidence.
* MADE FROM ECO-FRIENDLY WOOD, 100% KID-SAFE – This premium learning toy is made from ultra-
smooth, splinter-free wood. It’s painted with colorful water-based, non-toxic paints that are safe for
kids. It is very easy to assemble and conforms to ASTM standards.
* YOUR TOTAL SATISFACTION IS OUR GOAL – This preschool toy will be a hit at playtime! It will provide
hours of hands-on learning and entertainment. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please let us
know and we’ll make things right!

Set your child up for success with Toysters Wooden Math Beads and Alphabet Abacus!
* Alphabet Building Blocks – The abc blocks contain the full alphabet in a fun, kid-friendly way. Behind
each letter is a drawing of a recognizable object that starts with the letter. Toddlers will learn their ABCs
and tons of new words!
* Colorful Math Abacus – The math beads will have children counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying
and dividing in no time. This hands-on way to learn mathematics really speeds up the learning curve!
Exciting, Effective Way to Learn!
Many teachers report that the difference between students who used or supplemented with an abacus
and those that didn’t is like night and day. Students that use an abacus develop a fundamental
understanding of concepts like spelling, learning the alphabet, and math skills. They don’t have to dip
into their short-term memory to recall the information.
There’s no doubt this STEAM toy is an excellent teacher; it’s also great for:
✏️ Pattern and Color Recognition
✏️ Hand-Eye Coordination
✏️ Fine Motor Skill Development
✏️ Improving Endurance Under Stress
✏️ Helping Overall Problem Solving Skills
Portable and Durable Design, Ideal for Classroom and Home Use
Our preschooler toy is made of solid, non-toxic wood that is sanded and smooth down. There are no
sharp or rough edges. It’s then painted with water-based paint that has no harmful chemicals or
unpleasant odors. This premium toddler learning kit meets or exceeds international Child Safety
Regulatory standards.
It’s a great addition to any classroom or for use at home during playtime. It’s lightweight and durable,
perfect for bringing along when you’re traveling or on-the-go.
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