Toys: Wooden School Bus Building Blocks Toy For Kids (ED549)


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* CREATE A MINI SCHOOL BUS WITH STACKING BLOCKS – Toddlers 12 months and up will love building
their own yellow school bus. They’ll be a pro at stacking the wood building blocks and matching them up
in no time!
* GREAT AID FOR TODDLER MENTAL DEVELOPMENT – Not only is this school bus block building set fun
to play with but it also helps develop hand-eye coordination, imagination, creativity and fine motor
* COLORFUL BUILDING BLOCKS LOVED BY BOYS & GIRLS – Boys and girls alike jump at the chance to
play with these childrens wooden building blocks. The pure entertainment and fun they provide is truly
a sight to see. They’ll be so proud when they finish the puzzle!
* MADE FROM SMOOTH, NON-TOXIC WOOD… SAFE FOR KIDS – The learning blocks are crafted from
eco-friendly juniper wood and sanded down to an ultra-smooth finish. These blocks don’t have any
rough edges and they’re completely safe and non-toxic.
* GIVE AS A GIFT AND MAKE EDUCATION ENJOYABLE – If you’re trying to think of a great gift to give
your young son, daughter, niece or nephew then you’ve stumbled upon the right listing! They’ll get right
to work using the buildable toddler toy!

Wouldn’t it be great if you found a toy that your toddler loved to play with, but it also doubled as a
powerful learning tool?
Look no further… you’ve just found that special toddler toy!
The Toysters Wooden School Bus Building Blocks Toy will provide hours of educational entertainment
to your little one!
Toy blocks are not only fun to play with but are also great for toddler skill development. Put it on the
floor in the playroom and they’ll be busy for hours. Think about what they can learn and develop with
hours of play!
Some of the proven benefits of playing with building blocks:
* Improve hand-eye coordination
* Practice spacial reasoning
* Develop math and engineering skills
* Improve language development
* Stimulate creativity and imagination
* Fine-motor skill development
Safe 4-Piece Preschool Blocks Designed for Toddlers 12 Months and Up!
The blocks come stacked on a wooden rectangular base with 2 posts holding them in place. Kids can
easily slide the blocks on and off the posts with ease.
Each block is made from high-quality juniper wood that is carefully sanded down ensuring there are no
sharp edges or rough spots. A kid-safe non-toxic, lead-free paint is then applied to each building block.
It’s a wonderful gift idea for young boys and girls.
Give it to your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson or granddaughter on their birthday or for the
holidays. They’ll be eager to get right to work building their school bus and showing off their skills to
you! Their smile will melt your heart!
Click to buy them now and start helping to build a bright future for your little one!


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