Cheese: OCCELLI Truffle Butter “Burro al tartufo” 80gr (2.82oz) “Imported from Italy”


Beppino Occelli’s original recipe calls for the processing of butter with the addition of summer truffle pieces and in absolutely extraordinary quantities (6%) with the total exclusion of any artificial flavouring. Excellent in pastas, for fondues and patés, Butter with Summer Truffle can be simply spread on croutons for a tasty and delicious appetizer or added in curls on the classic fried eggs, before serving them.

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Butter (MILK origin: Italy), summer truffle (tuber aestivum Vitt.), hydrolysed MILK proteins (milk origin: Italy)

Milk. Lactose

Milk origin

Store in the fridge at a temperature of +2/+4 °C


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Weight 2.82 oz


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