Cheese: GRANA PADANO DOP RISERVA CHEESE 200gr (7.05oz) “Product of Italy”


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The Grana Padano cheese is a traditional, co-operative, pasteurized and hard gourmet Italian cheese. Its smooth, natural rind is extremely hard and thick. Grana Padano cheese is known to many as simply “Parmesan” cheese, but is specifically made from cow’s milk of the Northern Italy’s Po River Valley following a tradition created by monks in 1000 AD. It was originally produced as a way of using up leftover milk and to this day is made with skimmed milk. Grana Padano cheese has a more subtle and less salty flavor than Parmesan. It also tends to be less expensive.

Ingredients: Cow’s milk, salt, rennet, egg white lysozyme

“Imported from Italy”

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