Italian Desserts: Cameo Pudding “Vanilla Flavored” 2x90gr (6.34oz) “Imported from Italy”


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Vanilla flavored creamy pudding mix
Greedy pudding, characterized by an intense vanilla flavor

Add 1/2 liter of milk to the contents of a bag.

Mix the contents of a bag in a saucepan with the milk added a little at a time, obtaining a cream without lumps.
Bring to a boil and boil for 3 minutes over medium heat while continuing to stir. This pudding thickens as it cools.
Pour the cream into a mold (or 4 molds). The pudding can be turned out after at least 2 hours in the refrigerator.

Keep the product ready for consumption in the refrigerator.

sugar, corn starch, gelling agent: carrageenan; salt, flavorings, coloring: carotenes.

It may contain WHEAT, MILK, EGGS, NUTS, SOYA

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