Seafood: Bottarga di Muggine 20gr (0.70 oz) “Imported from Italy”


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✔️  【Grated mullet roe in sachet】- 20g pack
✔️【STRICTLY HANDMADE】- The processing methodology is completely handmade, from salting to maturing our Bottarga is entrusted to the care and experience of our craftsmen.
✔️【ALL THE ITALIAN TRADITIONALITY ENCLOSED】- The simple and natural ingredients and a processing that respects the best Italian tradition make our food products highly suitable for a healthy and balanced diet. Our Bottarga is naturally Rich in Omega 3 and Rich in Protein

✔️【TASTY DISHES WITH A SIMPLE TOUCH】- Use it in spaghetti to give a unique and traditional flavor never seen before, but also to flavor fish or vegetable dishes.
✔️ The unique flavor and the patient production process have made it a symbol of the industriousness of entire generations that are handed down, from father to son, the result of the skilful maturing and pressing of the Cefalo ovarian sacs.
✔️ Handcrafted in Italy

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Mullet roe is typical of Sardinia. It is a true gourmet delight that is obtained from the ovary sac of fish, delicately extracted from fresh fish and then salted and dried.

Mullet Roe (Mugil Cephalus), Sea Salt

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