Toys: Wooden Tool Set And Workbench Station (ED831)


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⚙️ KIDS CAN HONE THEIR BUILDING SKILLS WITH THIS PLAY SET – Let your child’s inner handyman shine
with this exciting toddler play set. The workbench includes all the tools needed to complete the job –
Hammer, Wrench, Saw, Screwdriver, Screws, Nails and a variety of objects to build and repair.
playing with this construction toy, all while working on important skills. It will improve hand-eye
coordination, fine motor skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and much more.
⚙️ MADE FROM ECO-FRIENDLY WOOD, 100% KID-SAFE – This premium STEM toy is made from ultra-
smooth, splinter-free wood. It’s painted with colorful water-based, non-toxic paint that’s safe for kids.
This engineering toy is easy to assemble and ultra-durable.
⚙️ ALL YOUNG CHILDREN GET A KICK OUT OF THIS TOY – Every little boy and girl loves getting right to
work using this kids tools set. It will provide hours of safe, exciting pretend play. Its compact, portable
size makes it the perfect addition to any size playroom.
⚙️ YOUR TOTAL SATISFACTION IS OUR GOAL – Your child is going to love this activity center workbench.
It will provide hours of hands-on, imaginative entertainment. If for any reason you are not 100%
satisfied, please let us know and we’ll make things right!

The #1 Mini Workshop With Realistic Wood Tools – Your Search for a New Handyman is Over!
Your child’s imagination and creativity will reach new heights when they start playing around with this
brilliant toolbench!
You won’t find a better way for toddlers to work on and improve critical developmental skills too!
Toysters Wooden Tool Set and Workbench Station will be a hit at playtime!

The work station is a gender-neutral toy so boys and girls can enjoy it. It’s compact enough to fit in any
size playroom but also big enough for multiple children to play around with at the same time.
There are tools for every repair! Included are a pretend Hammer, Wrench, Screwdriver, Saw, Screws,
Nails and a variety of objects to use for building and repairing.
It’s a great way to spend some quality time together. While you’re in the work shop making tinkering
around, your child can work alongside of you and be your little helper!
It’s not just a ball to play with; it’s excellent for helping:
✅ Improve hand-eye coordination
✅ Sharpen fine motor skills
✅ Develop problem solving skills
✅ Develop hand and finger strength
✅ Improved memory and concentration
✅ Critical thinking and shape recognition
✅ Encourages teamwork and cooperation
Superior Quality and Built to Last
The pretend construction tools and bench are made from premium wood that is sanded and smoothed
down. Splinters and rough, dangerous edges are never a concern. The playset is painted with non-toxic,
kid-safe paint. If the learning toy gets a little dirty, you can quickly wipe it down and disinfect. Suitable
for boys and girls 1 year old and up.
A Wonderful gift idea for all toddler boys and girls! Guaranteed to be a hit at play time!
Click the “Add to Cart” button now and watch your child start building their way to a bright future!


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