Wine: Santero 958 “CALAVERA” EXTRA DRY 0.75 ml “Imported from Italy”


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Multi-label product: the image is illustrative, the product packaging may vary.

WHAT: An intriguing sparkling wine with a unique look
WHY: For its cool image
PERFECT WITH: Aperitif and raw fish

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Impress with an unconventional image. Santero is also this. The historic Piedmontese sparkling wine house is not afraid to dare and, even without sacrificing quality, loves to dress its bottles with certified labels out of the ordinary. Thus was born the collaboration between Santero and Diego Bormida. Piedmontese DOC, born in 1975, internationally renowned artist. The limited edition named after him certainly does not go unnoticed but it is also, and perhaps above all, a well-made sparkling wine, proposed in the Extra Dry version, easy to drink and to combine. Excellent as an aperitif, it gives great satisfaction even with sushi or raw fish.


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