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Wine: Santero 958 EXTRA DRY MALO DESIGN 0.75 ml “Imported from Italy”

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WHAT: The super easy bubble from Glera and Pinot
WHY: For those who love to appear
PERFECT WITH: Aperitif or after dinner


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For those who love to appear, this is an unmissable bottle. It is proposed by Santero, a historic Piedmontese sparkling wine house. Ruffiano sparkling wine based on Glera and Pinot, this bubble has a super decorated and colorful bottle. The livery in this case comes from the collaboration of Santero with Malo Design who signs this new collection aimed at a young and once again carefree public. White vinification at a controlled temperature for the base wine, the second fermentation takes place in an autoclave to best enhance the natural aromaticity of the starting grape. Straw yellow with greenish reflections, as soon as it is poured into the glass this sparkling wine is covered with a rich soft foam, fed by a persistent perlage that releases from the bottom of the glass. The nose reveals an intense and aromatic perfume, rich in floral and fruity scents. In the mouth it is pleasantly sweet but fresh, pleasant and with a good consistency. Just uncork it … and the party can begin.

“Here quality is not a myth for the use and consumption of communication, but a concrete fact”. You can read these lines in the description that the Santero company gives of itself on its website. A few words that perfectly summarize the true spirit of a historic Piedmontese sparkling wine house which, operating within a world so fascinating when tied to old logic, has decided to break the rules. It being understood that wine is born from the work of the land, at Santero they have decided to focus on modern and captivating communication, giving life to products that are certainly not lacking in quality but that also have a modern image and in step with the times. However, he does not lack the right background. Santero, in fact, was born in 1958 from an idea of ​​the brothers Leopoldo, Renzo, Aldo and Adelio. A history spanning over half a century, marked by the passion for the vineyard, the skilful management of the cellar and the love for wine in all its forms.


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