Wine: Santero 958 SWEET ROSE’ 0.75 ml “Imported from Italy”


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WHAT: Rosé from aromatic grapes
WHY: For a never banal toast
PERFECT WITH: After dinner

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958 Santero Rosé is the simple bubble that combines the charm of the Piedmontese brand most loved by young people, with the elegance of the pink color. It comes from aromatic grapes, such as Moscato, vinified in a soft way and at low temperatures to make the most of all the goodness of the starting fruit. After a careful sparkling process in autoclave, a bubble is discovered characterized by a beautiful pale pink color, with fine and harmonious aromas. It is easy, putting the nose to the glass, to imagine a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers or a squeeze of ripe and sweet fruit. In the mouth, however, it is soft but not cloying. Velvety and pleasant from the first sip. Ideal for a never banal toast, the Rose? sweet 958 Santero and? suitable for all moments of celebration.


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