Cheese: Pecorino di Fossa Santa Caterina 900gr (31.74oz) “Imported from Italy”


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Pecorino cheese of pit Santa Catherine Seasoned cheese with a crumbly and compact texture, the Pecorino di Fossa Santa Caterina Trevalli is obtained with 100% Italian milk.

Origin of the milk: Italy

How to use: To better enjoy its characteristics, before being consumed, the product stored in the refrigerator must be brought back to room temperature for a few hours.

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Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, selected lactic ferments Preservatives: E 202 – E 235 (on the rind)

The cheese, produced exclusively from sheep’s milk, after a period of maturation in a cold room of about 60 days and various treatments to avoid the formation of moulds, between the first and second ten days of August is prepared for placing in the was packaged in white cotton sacks each containing about ten forms.
The pits, opened a few days before use, are ventilated and cleaned; they are then covered with a soft and fragrant layer of wheat straw, supported by a frame of reeds.
At this point, the ritual of filling the pit begins, based on centuries of experience: an expert, from inside the pit, receives the sacks of cheese, expertly arranging them, leaving no gaps.
The planting continues up to the mouth of the pit, which is then diligently closed with wooden planks, on which the cobblestones of stones and stones are restored, tightened by sand and sealed with mortar to avoid contact with the air.
In this way the cheese, in the dark and without air, undergoes a natural process of refermentation, developing incomparable flavors and aromas.
The peasant culture wants the best cheese, the one that has undergone the purest refermentation, to be the one compressed in the “heart” of the mass.
In accordance with tradition, the pits, closed at the beginning of August, are reopened around November 25th, the day of S. Caterina.


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