Liquors: Liquore Martini Rosso “Red” Lt. 1


  • A unique wine base made from white wines
  • With extracts of aromatic herbs and flowers
  • Delicate drink with notes of vanilla and citrus
  • It is a refreshing long drink
  • The sweet vanilla notes of the vermouth to make for a crisper finish

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The secret of the Martini range is in the unique combination of wines, herbs, spices, flowers, roots and bark that are used in each type of vermouth. These are made either by adding to alcohol and distilling (distillates) or infusing in alcohol (extracts), both are then aged in vat or barrel to achieve the required flavour and taste. Over 70 percent of the ingredients come from local sources in and around the Pessione distillery. Martini vermouths are made by blending local Piedmont wines, fortifying alcohol and herbs in the form of extracts and distillates, sometimes sugar and colouring caramel are added for certain lines. The ingredients are blended in a strict order to achieve the correct balance and to avoid any precipitation problems later. After blending the vermouth rests for 20 days before cold filtration and bottling.


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