Toys: Wooden Letters And Illustrative Adventure Learning Puzzle (PZ720)


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Kids love puzzles. Wouldn’t it be great if you found a puzzle they could play around   with that also helped them learn the alphabet and pronounce words?

How about an educational toy that also strengthened their fine motor skills?

The Wooden Letters and Illustrative Adventure Learning Puzzle does all of that and more!

Learning Toy Loaded with Benefits for Your Little One:

⚛ Improve hand-eye coordination

⚛ Sharpen fine motor skills improvement

⚛ Develop problem solving skills

⚛ Work on letter recognition and pronunciation

⚛ Increased finger strength and dexterity

⚛ Improved memory and concentration

Superior Quality and Design

The pre-school puzzle comes with 26 colorful pieces (full alphabet) with a cute  object depicted on every letter.

Each letter has a little illustration of a common object kids can identify such as: car,  monkey, turtle, apple, horse, orange and much more! The cut-outs fit each letter  perfectly. Kids will learn to associate the shape of the letter with the cut-out it’s designed to fit into.

➤ Suitable for children 12 months and up.

The puzzle board and pieces are crafted from juniper wood that is sanded and smoothed down. NEVER any splinters or rough edges. The pieces are painted with non-toxic, kid-safe paint. If the toddler puzzle gets a little dirty you can quickly wipe it down and disinfect.

Trying to think of a gift for your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, niece or nephew?

This puzzle will be a hit! Parents love it too because not only is it helping their child with early development skills, but they can take this little toy with them when on-the-go!


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