Wine: Santero 958 “BLUE” EXTRA DRY 0.75 ml “Imported from Italy”


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Blue color
Production Methodology: Conventional Wine
Country of production: Italy
Quantity: 75CL
Availability: Medium
Alcoholic content: 11.5
Type: Extra Dry

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he “Made in Italy”, a fashion designer, an item of clothing that is known in all latitudes and a sparkling wine that re-presents the Italian style and taste in the world. These are the elements of the collaboration between 958 Santero and Milena Andrade, a famous Brazilian designer, who’s revolu-tionized the world of blue jeans. The result is an original and innovative bottle that simulates the most fashionable denim, including tears. An original extra dry that combines the sexy bubbles with the absolute novelty of the blue color. 958 Santero Blue Milena Andrade is ideal for any occasion, from aperitif to dinner, but can also be used to prepare sweet and savory recipes.


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