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Also known by the name of Latin and Apiano, it dates back to the Roman era. The origins of the name, according to some, derive from Apianus (ape) for the sweetness of its berries, appreciated by bees or more likely it derives from Apia, now Lapia, a locality in Avellino. Its presence in Puglia dates back to ancient times, in fact Fiano is already present at the table of Emperor Frederick II of Swabia (nicknamed the Puer Apuliae or child of Puglia), in particular on a parchment dated 28 March 1240 where it is ordered to the cook , upon arrival of the Sovereign in Foggia, to bring more Fiano wine.
It is a vine of medium earliness, good vigor and great adaptability to environmental conditions. Of medium-small cluster with pyramidal shape, winged and compact, it has small yellow-green berries that show brown spots when ripe. After Phylloxera, this variety had almost disappeared from Puglia to make room for more productive and blended cultivars but, with the return to quality, it is experiencing a real rebirth and, from North to South of the region, the vineyards planted are constantly increasing in Fiano.


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